Before Mr Big, before the sex & before the city

Just what was Carrie Bradshaw like when she was an impressionable young seventeen year old? Did you ever wonder if she had siblings or what she was like before she moved to the city, before the sex, before Mr Big and before she became part of the inseparable and infamous friend pack, alongside Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte?

In the prequels, “The Carrie Diaries” and “Summer in the City” you will discover what came before “Sex and the City”. Although if you’re an avid fan of the HBO television series, if you look closely you will notice a few discrepancies.

In The Carrie Diaries, Carrie is in senior high school at Castlebury High in the ‘burbs of Connecticut. She is discovering her desire to write, finding her voice and the plans for her future hang in the balance dependant on whether she is admitted to a summer writing class being held in NYC. This is ultimately a young adult novel – aimed at young adult readers. The issues it contains are adolescent. It is jam-packed with high school melodrama, girl friends, gossip, reputations, love, sex and boyfriends. It is a light read but Sex and the City officiandos will enjoy meeting the young Carrie.

In the sequel, Summer and the City, Carrie arrives in New York City, she finds herself suddenly cast from her “small town” life into a “big city” existence that revolves around wild parties, being part of the “in-crowd”, attractive men, vintage clothing stores, designer fashion & shoes, love and of course sex. She realises that succeeding in the Big Apple is going to be harder than she ever imagined. I found this book more enjoyable and less adolescent than the Carrie Diaries. Readers are introduced to Carrie’s newly found friends, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes. As a reader, page after page, I was constantly waiting and wondering when Charlotte Yorke would appear!

Candace Bushnell is reputed for a trademark wit and sense of humour however I didn’t quite think that these two prequels lived up to their expectations. They are enjoyable but fall just short of the mark!