Eating Carrots Can Only Be Good For Your Health, Right?

Creepy Carrots, Aaron Reynolds, Peter Brown (illustrator)
I haven’t come across a picture book as fun as this one in quite a while. Creepy Carrots!, is just an enjoyable read. It’s not PC correct, a young rabbit eating healthily (although he’s a bit of carrot gluten) doesn’t get rewarded for doing so. I think that’s great, there’s no what did we learn today kids message on these pages, it’s just plain pure entertainment fun!

The basic plot of this one is a young rabbit named Jasper loves carrots, a heap of them grow in a field near his house and he doesn’t hesitate to rip them from the ground and devour them when on his way to school, sport or back home. However maybe some of these carrots seem to have become as interested in him as he is them. Jasper starts to notice subtle signs of these orange ones in places they shouldn’t be. Sometimes he swears he catches a glimpse of them but when he turns around or gets one of his parents to investigate, they aren’t there. Are they following him? Is he imagining it all? Are these creepy carrots real? If they are, what will they do to him? Jasper doesn’t know, but he’s freaking out something bad! What will he do?

The simple illustrations that fill the pages actually make this story work better than if they were more detailed ones. They stick to different shades of white grey and black with a bit of orange thrown in. The orange gives it both that carroty vibe as well as a bit of a Halloween one, the Halloween one reassures young kids that it’s not going to be more scary than the horror fantasy things that happen around that time of year. Not that this book is set around Halloween by any means, you can certainly read this great creepy (in a child friendly way) tale any time of year.