Tara Moss says goodbye to Mak Vanderwall with Assassin

Tara Moss takes her research seriously for her novels and an authenticity shines through in her writing. The Makedde Vanderwall series (Fetish, Split, Covert, Hit & Siren) are action packed, unpredictable, emotional, romantic and include a lot of real life detail. Assassin is the final instalment and rewards fans of the series with a truly surprising and violent fatal ending. 

It has been so long since the previous book but thanks to great writing I found it easy to pick up with the story. Mak has certainly grown up. She is a vigilante, full of fight and out for justice. Her family and friends think she must have been murdered as no one has heard from her since she fled the country after getting mixed up in the Stiletto killer murder investigation. However, she is alive laying low in Paris plotting her next and final moves to disclose the truth and bring the killers down once and for all.

Her ex-love criminal profiler Andy Flynn has buried himself in his work as thinking of Mak and her possible fate is to much for him to bare. When the Stiletto killer case reappears he is forced to face his fears head on. It’s this case and its links to Mak that has him spiralling out of control. The novel  jumps between Mak in Paris and Andy in Sydney as they both struggle with their work and their feelings for each other. Assassin is the darkest of all of the books in the series – with raw intensity that will leave you satisfied with how the story ends.