4 Ingredients : Christmas

4 Ingredients : Christmas by Kim McCosker.

Post by Anne at Southport

Recently on a local radio station I heard the author of the 4 Ingredients recipe books – Kim McCosker, talking about Christmas food and getting away from lots of preparation.

Of course the recipes she spoke about were all in her book “4 Ingredients: Christmas”.

Apart from the fact that all recipes in the book only have 4 ingredients a lot of them can be prepared before “the big day”.

4 ingredientsShe mentioned that if you only prepare one recipe from the book try the “Lime and Macadamia nut fudge”.

Hmm I thought, I will experiment on the people at work – they will be honest and love food on the staff room table for sampling.

It really only had 4 ingredients:

The zest of 2 limes, condensed milk, good quality white chocolate and macadamia nuts(chopped)

Easy peasy to make ( kids could help) and refrigerate overnight. Chop into small squares as it is quite rich.

The gang at Southport and our visiting casual staff declared it scrumptious and not too sweet.

Lots of easy recipes in the book and no fancy ingredients, quite a few would make nice gifts packaged nicely.