The Red Thread by Ann Hood

Maya Lange runs an agency called The Red Thread  that matches adoptive parents with abandoned baby girls from China.  We meet five sets of adoptive parents and learn why they need or want to adopt a child from China and what they have been through to get to this point.  Each of the couples has taken a heart-breaking journey to reach this point and their emotional lives and the pressure on their marriage is exposed as they endeavour to fulfill the most basic human need – to have a child.  Intertwined with these stories are the five stories of the mothers of the chinese babies they will adopt and the traumatic circumstances that have led them to abandon their precious daughters.   Yep its a tear-jerker.  The stories of the American couples are familiar and modern while the chinese stories sound as if they come from a different time, almost like folktales.  I enjoyed this very much and thought the character development of each of the many people involved in such a short space of time was well done.  There is even a bit of a love story in there and a happy ending.  Sweet.