Do you have a plan for next year?

2013 is looming, and I thought that I might get more read if I really sat down and though about what I’d like to read this year.  I finished over 100 books last year, according to the journals I’ve kept on this site. So, what’s the plan?

Textbooks: let’s get these out of the way. I’m doing some Coursera on disruptive technology and need to finish a couple of books on how technology is going to transform libraries in ways you’ll love, but my co-workers – and possibly I – will hate.

Books I meant to get to: I must read “The Night Circus”, “The Atrocity Archive” and “Dodger”.

Reading Challenges: I’m going to try for six books by Australian women authors this year. Probably “First Man of Rome”, but probably als some Kylie Chan.

…so that’s 10% of the reading for the year sorted out.

Anyone else have plans for the year?