Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back in the Coolangatta Library Car Park!

Bait DVD (2012)  starring Lincoln Lewis, Xavier Samuel, Cariba Heine, Martin Sacks, Julian McMahon, Dan Wyllie

BaitCustomers who frequent our most southern branch will love this one. Filmed as well as at Warner Brothers Studios in Oxenford, in the very car park they use when visiting the Coolangatta library.  In fact a lot of Coolangatta Beach, the park in between and the front of Showcase on the Beach is shown as well as the bottom level car park where a lot of the action occurs.  Bait also shows an aftermath of what Coolangatta would look like after a tsunami destroys it.

I don’t think anyone borrowing Bait from our shelves is expecting it to be a documentary style accurate with real life shark behaviour or well too realistic in any way at all. I mean we know it’s about a shark in a flooded due to a tsunami supermarket, so yeah you do need to suspend belief watching it and believe that a couple of sharks would ignore all the freely available corpses to munch on and become horror slasher movie style killers desperate to pick off the human survivors trapped on top of the shelves one by one, or in their cars down in the car park. Like Snakes on a Plane for example, Bait is just pure entertainment! It’s a movie about sharks determined to kill every human in a flooded supermarket and delivers exactly that plot.

Wasn’t overall as cheesy as I had anticipated.  There is a really bad CGI shark at the beginning of the film while we’re still out in the ocean after a Jaws opening rip off/homage (they use a fat old guy instead of a young beautiful naked woman) but once the Tsunami floods the supermarket and its car park underneath, the originality of this take on the shark slasher flick kicks in, and the sharks although still obviously fake, become a bit more realistic looking. The makers are also obviously cashing in on the success of the Bondi Rescue documentary lifeguard series TV show, with the use of that council’s rescue boards instead of the Gold Coast’s or the usual Surf Lifesaving Club ones.  Possibly they simply used it due to save on the budget since the Bondi Rescue show already has one with a camera on the front, so then why make your own if you can borrow one.

Bait highlights the suburb of Coolangatta quite well and accurately portrays the laid back beach lifestyle of locals there and similar Australian suburbs and towns. I liked how they didn’t try and occa the people up Crocodile Dundee and similar movie style, but that they came across as everyday Australians, and included the multicultural aspect of Australian society as well in the characters.

Although there are a couple of washed up actors from Australian TV shows such as Home and Away and Blue Heelers, the acting overall was decent enough for this sort of film. For some reason some actors put on fake American accents while the rest spoke in their natural Australian voices.  A fair few of the sharks’ kills you could see coming, as well as picture how they were going to happen in your mind before they occurred on the screen.  But overall this is a fairly fun shark serial killer type movie.  If you liked films like Snakes on a Plane that aKing is Deadre made for pure entertainment and not to follow natural behaviour of the real life version of the animals then you’ll love Bait.

By the way if you’re after another good Australian film recently added to our collection check out the King is Dead, also with Dan Wyllie from this one and Bojana Novakokvic who buy their first house in Adelaide only to discover you should research who your neighbours are going to be, before signing the contract.