Glitter Rose by Marianne de Pierres reviewed by Jill Smith

Glitter Rose coverI read this book in one sitting, and will happily read it again many times. This is a small exquisite hard cover book of only four, but wonderfully crafted stories based on Carmine Island, in a future where the sands of the island can glitter and change the lives of those they touch.

Glitter Rose pic insertThe Collection Notes explains when these stories were written and the awards they were given. In addition Marianne has treats her readers to an extra story with a chilling twist, ‘In The Bookshadow’. This is a real bonus.

There is a beautiful painting in the centre of the book, a solitary woman on a beach dune, with windblown dress and scarf. She is in the grass looking out over a bay and a dark and turbulent sky. I can only say that this encapsulates the melancholy our lady arrives on the island feeling, trying to shut out the past, and isolate her fragile form from the world. Somehow, the island dwellers as a community draw her into their circle and invite her to become something more.Marianne de pieres

In Goodreads I gave this book Five Stars, something I have never done before. Every word is in place, every ounce of evocative emotion relayed. This is a book that will not just disappear onto the bookcase or cabinet. This is one I will keep nearby to visit whenever I want to be inspired. The pictures and the story go hand in hand. It is truly a delight for all the senses.