By Popular Demand: Actors Who Thought They Could Write 3 – Even More Actors Who Have Written Fiction!

when it happens to youI’ve constantly been asked when will I do another sequel to the post Actors Who Thought They Could Write? Well I was shelving the other day and came across a Molly Ringwald novel and thought, why not?  Here is the third list of actors who thought they could write a novel or picture book, and if you can come up with any more actors to add to the list, comment underneath and I’ll include them in the fourth list, whenever I get around to writing that.  You’ll find the original two lists here and here. Enjoy! Adult Fiction Novels Outside InNnnnrat catchingbacklashParadise AlleyThat novel by Ringwald (The Breakfast Club) was When it Happens to You.  Speaking of retro actresses (Melrose Place)’s Courtney Thorne-Smith has written the novel Outside In.   Carl Reiner (King of the Hill) has c0-authored quite a few picture books and written the odd novel such as  Nnnnn.  Crispin Glover (Back to the Future) wrote Rat Catching.  60’s-80’s decades actress Lynda Marchal (Educating Marmalade) you’ve probably more likely heard of and even read under a more famous name Lynda La Plante, she has of course written heaps of novels her latest being Backlash.  Helen Ledeger (Absolutely Fabulous) wrote a short story for the Quick Reads series called Finger Food. Alan Zweibel (Saturday Night Live) has written his own novels and most recently co-wrote Lunatics with Dave Barry.  Sylvester Stallone (Rambo) back in 1978 even wrote a novel called Paradise Alley. struck by lightningChris Colfer (Glee) wrote a novel called Struck By Lightning The Carson Philips Journal which was later turned into a movie starring himself, that DVD has recently hit our library shelves.  Matt from Burleigh Waters library brought to my attention a while ago that Law & Order SVU actor Ice – T maybe inspired by Richard Belzer’s novels has also brought out a novel called Kings of Vice.  Emily from Robina Library also commented under the last one of these lists, about Brendan Cowell’s (Beneath Hill 60) novel, called How it Feels and that it wasn’t very good.  If I Did it, by O J Simpson (The Naked Gun)  where he wrote a fictional account of the murder of his ex wife and Ron Goldman, the very crime which he was acquitted for I also mentioned in that list’s comment section. Children’s Fiction blind revengeMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Full House) wrote a number of junior fiction titles such as the Two of a Kind series.  Toni Collette (United States of Tara)  wrote the picture book Planet Yawn.  Tempany Deckert (Home and Away) has written quite a few young adult and junior fiction titles such as Blind Revenge, even Sophie Lee (Muriel’s Wedding) has also done the same with titles such as Edie Amelia and the Monkey Shoe Mystery.  Edward Grylls (Man vs Wild) under the pseudonym Bear Grylls has also written a number of junior paperback books under the Mission Survival series starting with Gold of the GodsnightmaresJason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) has written a book called Nightmares!  It is aimed at the junior fiction market.  At first the novel starts out as a don’t trust the new stepmother, the new principal is a scary guy who is out to make life difficult, with a friends are there for each other no matter what theme. During this first half Charlie is also not sleeping much due to weird stuff that happens when he’s asleep and his father and younger brother and liking his attitude towards their new family less and less. Then about half way through the novel slips into a sort of Alice in Wonderland sort of world, where Charlie can’t just wake up from the nightmare anymore. I must admit I preferred the first half storyline of the novel more, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the second.

Holy CowDavid Duchovny (X-Files) with Holy Cow has written the only book I can remember coming across that is written through the eyes of a dairy cow (other than the comic panels that appeared in Gary Larson’s Far Side books).   Elsie who upon discovering what really happens to farm animals when they are taken away, decides she’s not going to let that happen to her. A pig and a turkey also want to avoid being slaughtered and then someone’s dinner and join her on a road trip where she plans on flying on a plane to India. The other two animals seek safety in Turkey and Israel.  It’s an entertaining tale that to be honest if it wasn’t written by a celebrity I think would have had an editor play a larger part as there’s some inconsistencies but it’s one I recommend checking out!

Neil Patrick HarrisNeil Patrick Harris’ (How I Met Your MotherChoose Your Own Autobiography also deserves an appearance in here as it has some of the decisions you the reader (as Neil) can choose, which will take you down fictional versions of his life, it is also a really good book.

Edie Emeliaplanet yawnGold of the GodsTwo of a kind

Actors Who Thought They Could Write and Cook – Not officially classified as fiction

Kind DietAlicia Silverstone’s (Clueless) The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet seems to get borrowed quite a bit.  Gwyneth Paltrow (Shallow Hal) has also written quite a few cooks books over the years her latest being It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.  Not to miss out on the opportunity while people still know who she is Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) has co-written Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends.  If you like eating what your favourite actors do you might want to check out The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: A Resurrection of Recipes from More Than 145 Stars of Stage and Screen by Frank DeCaro. Although not actors (except for Lowes TV commercials, skits on the Footy Show and the like), if you took cooking advice from actresses you’ll probably want to check out Footy Flavours by NRL players too. Its all goodevas kitchenfooty flavoursDead Celebrity Cookbook