The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games Display

Hunger Games Display (Photo credit: APL_YA)

In the near future life is different for everyone. A new country known as Panem has been created in America where it has been separated into 12 districts. The story is of a young girl named Katniss, who lives with her widowed mother and sister in District 12, the poorest region in Panem. Katniss is a skilled hunter and after her father’s death, she has been in charge of taking care of the remainder of the family.  Each year, to prove their authority and to punish the districts for rebelling, the Capitol holds the Hunger Games. A boy and girl from each district are picked in a Reaping and are sent to the Games to compete and fight to death until there is only one victor. At the 74th Hunger Games Katniss takes her sister’s place by volunteering. At the Capitol, in preparation for the games, Katniss learns that she will need to do more than just survive to win.

The Hunger Games (film)

This amazing storyline has shown that Suzanne Collins has truly reflects the meaning of a dystopian society. The Hunger Games can really teach us the significance of humanity and inspire us to be brave and compassionate especially in hard times. This novel has definitely been able to grasp the attention of many young adults. There are many delicate and saddening moments in the novel that Katniss must survive through. This novel strongly reminded me of the children in third world countries who struggle every single day just to survive. Suzanne Collins has done an excellent job of making the readers perceive this story.

But there is more! Look out for Catching Fire and Mockingjay, also part of the Hunger Games series! You can also watch the movie that was released 22nd March 2012.

(Review by Liana, library volunteer)