Parvana – Deborah Ellis

Parvana and her family live in very harsh times. In Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken over and established a new government. Life is very hard for girls and women such as Parvana who have to cover their faces and must be accompanied by a man when they are out. When Parvana’s father is arrested by the Taliban, she had no choice but to dress up as a boy and earn money to support her family. By doing so she risks her life in a dangerous city. Will she get away with it or will someone discover her secret?

Under the Taliban rule, women have suffered through great turmoil in the past three decades. They have struggled to gain freedom as their society is male dominated where they are forbidden to seek opportunities. This inspiring story is based on similar experiences that many have faced in Afghanistan. Deborah Ellis has travelled to Afghan refugee camps and heard many heartbreaking and true stories similar to Parvana’s. This book can truly be an inspiration to young women who will admire Parvana for her immense courage in a time of fear and danger.

Also look out for Parvana’s Journey and where Parvana faces a new challenge to find her family.

(Review by Liana, library volunteer.  A quick note on this book: we have it under two titles, Parvana and The Breadwinner – Timothy)