I am Number Four – Pittacus Lore

Nine children from the planet Lorien survive a major war that destroys their country and arrive on Earth in order to be kept safe from the Mogodarians. They are each given numbers. The novel is from number Four’s perspective. He and his Guardian Henri are constantly on the run, moving to new states, switching to new schools and even changing his identity. After learning that Number Three has been murdered by the Mogodarians, Four and Henri move to Paradise, Ohio where Four adopts the name “John Smith”. At his new school, John befriends Sam and Sarah and for once in his life he feels at home. But the Mogodarians are close and John will need to be ready. Can John unleash his powers before they come?

I am number four is a thrilling adventure about a young boy who is learning his true identity one step at a time. The readers will be sitting at the edge of their seats as the suspense to the battle grows. There will be many surprises that will unfold along with goodbyes. I am number four is a novel to definitely get a hold of if book fans love adventure, mystery and of course, surprises!

Find out more about the others who escaped in the Lorien Legacies series. You can watch the movie that was released February 18th 2011.

(Review by Liana, library volunteer)