December online ebook club – True crime

Deadly Australian WomenOk so we could have chosen a light-hearted summer holiday read for our December online ebook club, but they’re overrated don’t you think?

This month, we thought we’d try true crime. True crime is very dark, at times horrifying and yet a fascination to many readers.

Are you a true crime reader?
Why or why not?
Do you have a favourite read?
Why do you think true crime is so popular?

I’ve read true crime though it’s not a genre I read on a regular basis. This month, I’m reading Deadly Australian Women by Kay Saunders. This book explores some of our most notorious women, who they’ve killed and why they killed. I remember seeing an exhibition on this in Sydney a few years ago and it was a very interesting look into our dark past. I’m really keen to get started on this book. If you’d like to read the book too, you can borrow it from Overdrive. If there are no copies available, place a hold and we will purchase more as soon as possible.

Looking forward to discussing true crime with you this month.