The “Photograph Your Christmas Loot” Challenge

Christmas swag imageHey Coasters: check out my Christmas loot!

So, my plan was to suggest Alton Brown books to my mother-in-law for the next three years…but she went large and bought me the whole lot.  They are excellent and let me catch up on the non-vegetable episodes, which I skipped when I bingewatched the show years ago.

I also received a couple of great books from my wife. Raising Steam is by Terry Pratchett and is, like the previous 39 books in his series, excellent. There’s also 11 Doctors 11 Stories, which is a Doctor Who anniversary celebratory collection of short stories. Really very good: highly recommended to Doctor Who fans.

In December some people sent me great comic books. I was in Coursera class and came top in my genre by class vote, so my lecturer sent me a copy of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, which I’m wanting to read again before reviewing. The extraordinary Peter Kessler came first in his genre, and we’d been exchanging email, so we sent each other graphic novels of congratulation. He sent me Sandman: The Wake, by Neil Gaiman, which is fantastic. I’m choosing to include them in my Christmas swag because I read (or in the case of The Wake, reread) them over Christmas.