104 in 2014: A Challenge

file0001279225405In 2012 we had a 52 books in 52 weeks Challenge. It was fantastic, because it let us pick through reading journals of our fellow bookcoasters and see what they liked and what they hated.

So, time to kick it off again.

The 104 in 2014 Challenge is to encourage you to get reading, but it has some slightly odd rules, to make it more fun for the people following your posts.

You may count the books you hated and did not finish, provided you explain, in at least paragraph length, why you did not like them.

Here on book coasters we love it when you say “This book was rubbish, and here is why.” Most of us can only manage 50 books a year and would like to manage more, so if you guide us away from rubbish, that’s a community service.

You commit to read a specific number of books this year, and to tag them “104 in 2014”.

Do less than 104 if you like.  Making a public commitment to read makes it far more likely that you will actually read. Weight loss works the same way.  I plan to lose 10 kilos this year. Feel free to nag me later.

If you have books cluttering up your house that you have been meaning to read for years, you must read at least one per month.

Your home library is awesome, we assume, because bookcoasters are generally awesome people, and your home library is an extension of your brain. So, your home library is filled with potential awesome that you have been hoarding in case you ever find yourself in need of some guaranteed awesome.  Put it off no longer: break out the awesome and then tell us about it.

Report in regularly

Try to report in regularly: it makes you more likely to read, and your posts more fun for the rest of us.  Mark your home library items on your reports. This will make it more likely that you work through your “someday” pile.

So, 104 books, 52 weeks.  See you at the finish line.