Breakfast reading

Is it OK to include picture books and photographic essays in my challenge for 104 in 52?  Because I am not sure that I will make it other wise. These are books I call my breakfast reading, nothing too challenging but certainly enjoyable and certainly less distressing than reading the news.
Book 4  Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
This book is based on the popular blog of the same name by Brandon Stanton. It is essentially photographs of the people of New York with simple captions that cleverly summarise the moment. The photographs and the accompanying captions make you smile, cry and leave you wondering “what happened to him/her”. 
I will probably buy a copy of this book for my mum who loves New York, loves to people watch and has a wicked sense of humour.
Book 5. Mr Chicken goes to Paris by Leigh Hobbs
Mr Chicken is one ugly chicken! And BIG. I borrowed this book because my husband heard Leigh Hobbs talking about it in the radio. Basically Hobbs wrote/illustrated it because he wanted to. No other reason! I think that is wonderful. Have a close look at the pictures of Mr Chicken in the various tourist spots of Paris, the faces of the other tourists are priceless.
Book 6  Flora and the flamingo by Molly Idle
I love this book and all my friends with small girls will be receiving this book this year. There are no words, it is very pink and it has fold out pages. What more do you want in a children’s book. The images are delightful, a small girl, in her very pink swimming outfit, complete with flippers, and a regal looking flamingo copy each others dance moves.