Aussie book steals success

BookThiefThe Book Thief is not Markus Zusak’s first novel, however it is the novel that has shot this Australian author to stardom and made his name a household name. The Book Thief has enjoyed “a long time at the top” of the best-sellers book releases and it is expected to stay there for some time more due to the success of the movie adaptation. It has been awarded literary prizes and readers choice awards so I added it to my reading pile to see what all the fuss was about.

The Book Thief is a tale narrated by one of the Führer’s loyalist of supporters. His most dependable worker. Cloaked in black, in bleakness, a grim character, he tells this story of life, survival, endurance and the story of the Book Thief. The thief is in fact a young girl, full of determination, she clings to life and eludes the grim reality of being caught up in the Nazi rule in WWII. The Book Thief’s life is saved by words and becomes one heck of a good story and a remarkable book. The Book Thief is highly recommended reading.