Get yourself ready Banjo’s Birthday

Bush debate coverOn the 17th of February it will be the 150th anniversary of Banjo Paterson’s birth. Various cities and towns in Australia are commemorating his life and work in a myriad of fantastic ways. To get yourself in the right spirit, maybe you’d like to reacquaint yourself with his poetry?

Paterson helped form the Australian view of the bush, in part through a sort of primitive flamewar he and Henry Lawson had in the pages of the Bulletin magazine. I went looking for the Bush Debate on the web last year, and couldn’t find it. With the help of Kerry Webb and his colleagues from the National Library, and volunteer performers from other states and countries, I’ve arranged for the recording of the poems in the Bush Debate, and they are available as a free audio download from LibriVox. The texts used are also available.

I’m tremendously pleased by our work, and I’d like to again thank my collaborators for making these important historical materials widely accessible.