More breakfast reading

As part of my breakfast routine I “flip” through magazines, my feedly account and books rich with images. I am a self-confessed home decorating book junkie – to my husband’s amusement and frustration! We are currently thinking about doing something with our bathroom so I have been bringing home gorgeous home decoration books to get ideas, the following are some that have help identify what I like and what I hate.

 Book 7
Design Masterclass by Kelly Hoppen

There is nothing in this book that inspired me. That is not to say that the houses aren’t gorgeous and the furniture isn’t fabulous, they are and it is. And if you want to live in something that looks like a suite in a luxury hotel this is the book for you. This book is probably more suitable for those studying interior design. I am getting closer to what I don’t want in my bathroom (see page 251), who needs a tv in the bathroom?? Really.

Book 8
Real homes: Inspiration beyond style by Solvi dos Santos

This book on the other hand did inspire me. These houses look like people live in them. The homes reflect the personality of the owners – or the very least the decorators.  There is a good dose of rustic charm meets ethnic eclectisicm. Others may call it a “mish mash of styles” but it is far more in keeping with what I already have going on in my own home.

Book 9
Remodalista by Julie Carlson

Ah ha! It is all voyeurism I know but this book – based on the blog of the same name, has gorgeous home after gorgeous home and ideas that are accessible and do-able. There is a whole chapter on the IKEA Kitchen. I think I finally persuaded my husband that we can do an IKEA kitchen! I also found the “that’s it” picture for my future bathroom (see page 116). Carlson has put together a clever source book for the decorator in all of us.