Tomorrow, when the war began

Tomorrow, when the war began by John Marsden.


tomorrw warI loved reading this series, by one of Australia’s great writers. It is about a group of seven teenagers who decide to camp out, or ‘go bush’ for a few days over the Christmas holidays. One night while they are away, they hear the roar of engines and see V-shaped lines of jets storm past, but they put it down to the Commemoration Show Day in the local town of Wirrawee. When they return home, they find their families missing and farm animals and pets dead or dying. Australia has been invaded by a neighbouring Asian country, and the locals have all been imprisoned at the local show grounds. After their first fright, they head back into the safety of the bush.

When they finally realise, by use of a transistor radio, that their country is at war they make a decision to join the fight rather than just hiding out until it is over. They prove surprisingly adept at guerrilla warfare, with those from farms being able to drive cars, motorbikes and tractors as well as shoot rifles. Homer has always been the troublemaker at school, as is good at any type underhanded hassling of those he dislikes, including setting off explosions…

This series is well written, and very entertaining. The teenagers grow up and mature, finding new relationships within the group. There is adventure and thrills throughout the story. The first in the series has been made in to a movie, but the whole series is worth reading.