Fortean Times : The Great Magazine of the Weird comes to Gold Coast Libraries

Fortean times coverEvery so often the Library Service gets together with its magazine suppliers and renovates its orders. This time around my branch lost Masterchef (the magazine has been cancelled) and instead we have a brilliant magazine I’ve been privately lobbying for. Fortean Times in now available through our service.

Fortean Times is not a New Age or revealed truth magazine. Unlike Fate, or Nexus it does not accept a priori that supernatural phenomena, aliens or government conspiracies exist. Its pose is deliberately skeptical. It also follows Charles Fort in feeling no particular need to explain weird things : it merely wants to catalogue them. Effectively that makes it a folklore magazine, but with a lot more urban legends than you otherwise see. It’s brilliantly amusing precisely because it doesn’t get evangelical on the existence of any of the things in its articles, and because it tries to follow Charles Fort’s style, which was deliberately humorous. It also uses his diction, which is slightly over-elaborate and elegant, which makes it read like a Steampunk magazine.

So, I’m really pleased we now have this in the collection.