Eyrie by Tim Winton.

Post by Robyne55.

EyrieIt’s rare that this reader is lost for words – but where to begin?

Tim Winton’s ‘Eyrie’ is a treasure trove of a book. Did I like it? No. This is a raw brute of a novel. No likable puppy love here. Do I respect this book? I sure do.

I was gut punched as I willingly hopped on the train that was the main character Keely and rode him to the inevitable conclusion.

Along the way we are introduced to the flawed Jemma and her grandson, the fragile Kai, who orbit Kelly’s precarious world. Set this unlikely trio high up in a
Freemantle apartment block in the middle of a scorching summer, add a hefty dose of angst and alcohol, and ignite. This is what Tim Winton has so magnificently done.

The story of a damaged child and his haunted care-giver being hunted by a crazed and ruthless drug addict, protected by a burnt out shell of a man battling his own demons is compelling. It also says a lot about our modern civilization where we let those least able to cope flounder in a murky wilderness.

You may not enjoy this book, but you will admire it’s writer and you will stay on board to the very last station. Good luck!