Poet’s Cottage

 Poet’s Cottage by Josephine Pennicott    – review by Lyn    

Poet's CottagePearl Tatlow, author of dark and haunting stories for children, an expert at playing with others emotions for her own amusement, a provocative, sensual, daring woman.

Is Pearl haunted by Poets Cottage, is she mad as many assume, does she carry the demons of past generations or does her openness allow the spirits of souls not passed over to play their own games with her emotions?

Poet’s Cottage moves easily between the past and the present with Pearl ever the central character, her essence affecting generations.  Pearl’s eldest daughter whom she always hated and despised carries her mother’s hatred for a lifetime.  Birdie who desired Maxwell had her strings skilfully plucked by Pearl.  The present day characters that are drawn to the stories of Pearl find themselves unwittingly a part of Pearl’s tragic life long after her death.

Pearl’s granddaughter Sadie inherits Poet’s Cottage and as a writer she longs to uncover the mysteries of Poet’s Cottage and discover how and why Pearl’s life ended.

Josephine Pennicott takes the reader on an all senses journey from beginning to end.  Not only will the eyes capture every word, the mind will easily visualise each of the words placing the reader in every scene of this story.  A must read Australian author whose words should be read and applauded worldwide.