Just the ticket

Just the ticket by Lynnie Saint James.

Post by Robyn55.

Just the ticketWhen Lynnie heads to India with her Indian partner (now her husband) Kuldip, she is like Dorothy landing in the magical land of Oz. Like Dorothy, Lynnie soon embraces her new and bewildering (at times) circumstances.

With the help of some enthusiastic and kind Indian women she masters wearing a sari and a traditional Indian wedding – a rather extreme celebration that takes part over a number of days and with many costume changes.

I think this book could have been titled ‘Lynnie Loves India’ as she writes about this amazing country with confidence and pizzazz! She gives us a unique insight into a confusing, and at times frightening (for some), country and culture.

Lynnie shows us that it is possible for some of us pampered little pussies to enjoy having our comfort zone breached. After all, she did it and I think she would tell you that she is all the better for it. Her descriptions of some of the iconic sights such as the Taj Mahal made me want to pack my bags. She also gives some very good information on the history of these sights.

After India, her tour and book continues into Europe, and she soon becomes a mostly happy camper as she searches for the perfect shoe throughout the continent.

What fun girls! … and thats the feeling you get from this book. As she tours through Europe she writes with an authenticity and realism that would be a benefit to any future ‘would be’ traveller.

So, if you are planning a trip to India or Europe, Lynnie’s book is a must read – it is a great source of information and a good pick me up when things go wrong, as they often do. Lynnie, a middle-aged Australian lady, takes us on a wonderful journey and shows us that if she can do it then so can we too, and I think that is really the strength in her book.

I must admit I would be very interested in another book from Lynnie, particularly more from India as I feel she had a unique perspective on that country. Good travelling, Lynnie!