The Digital Comics Museum: Bringing the Controversial Back to Life

Digital comics museum bannerOver on Open Culture they have an excellent article on the Digital Comics Museum. At time of writing, membership is free, and members may download any or all of the collections. They have over 100 000 out-of-copyright comics. The copyright expiration angle means they come from before the emergence of the modern superhero properties, and so they contain many genres which have since died out or shrunk to a handful of titles (like war or romance comics).

The collection which interests me the most are the 1950s horror comics, which were so extreme, by the standards of the time, that they forced the creation of the Comics Code Authority. Some of these comics, for example those by EC, can now be found in the Library collection. Zombies are rather less shocking now, and Australians have always had darker humorous literature than Americans. If you’ve seen the Creepshow films, they were based on EC comics, and give some feeling of their sentiments.

This site is well worth a browse if you area fan of graphic novels.