Letter to George Clooney by Debra Adelaide

letter to george clooneyLetter to George Clooney is one of the long-listed titles for the 2014 Stella Prize and I can see why this may be so. Debra Adelaide is a writes beautifully and portrays aspects of life in Australia with humour, irony, warmth and sadness.

The book comprises a series of short stories – some of these are funny, some bitter and some are just very sad and depressing. Some of the stand-outs for me included the story of a woman who falls for a chain letter scam and the story of a bitter writer running a workshop in remote Australia. It is the title story however, that has really stuck with me. The author does not hold back as she describes the refugee experience and the brutal circumstances that led one woman to our shores. It is both tragic and heartfelt.

As beautiful as this was some of the stories were not all that interesting and seemed to go nowhere. Despite this, I can still appreciate the author’s literary skill and would read more of her work.