Half Bad hits the shelves

Get your reading shoes on, and get ready to race into your local library and grab a copy of this book off the Hot Reads shelf – it’s being touted as the new Harry Potter, and the new Hunger Games, and it’s been said to have a taste of Orwell’s 1984.

British author Sally Green’s debut novel is a supernatural thriller about modern day witches, living hidden alongside humans. More specifically it is a coming of age story about Nathan, a “half code” boy with a white witch mother and a black witch father. And not just any father – Marcus is the most feared black witch of all time. Because of that, and concern as to what gifts Nathan may inherit, the witches’ council have persecuted and imprisoned Nathan for years. It seems unlikely that they will allow him to live long enough to inherit his gifts. So what’s a half bad boy to do, when people think he’s all bad?

The rights to Half Bad have been sold to 45 countries and the movie adaptation is in the works. Copies of the book will be arriving today in branch libraries, so look for it on the Hot Reads stands. Can’t wait? You can read the first part on the official Half Bad website.