March 21


Local authors: brace yourself for an online event of epic scale and awesomeness

Just a quick teaser for our local authors, before we go live and loud with a program next week.

If you head on over to our Events page, you’ll see we are supporting local writers who want to join a free creative writing course being provided by Open University UK. They are calling it Start Writing Fiction, but it’s basically a series of short seminars, some by famous English authors, about how to build characters for fiction. The Library Service is going to be helping you through this course online, here, on Facebook, and on the University’s own student site, and we’ll be chipping in a tutor, to help you get through.

As it happens I’m the tutor, so a bit about me: I’ve commercially published 21 books, with 4 more in various stages of preparation for publication. Some of my earlier books have just been released in French, and Spanish ones will follow later this year. I’m donating five hours a week to this project, and it runs for 8 weeks. Usually I’d charge about $2 000 for that sort of time, but for this I’m donating it, because I really want this project to succeed.

Insofar as we can tell, this is a unique project, not previously tried in Australia. We know Open University (Australia) does something similar with academic degrees, but we think we are the first people to do this for the lifelong learning classes. We are tremendously excited and ridiculously enthusiastic about this. We’d love it if you shared this with your various social media contacts, because if it succeeds, we might be able to convince libraries across the country that this model can work, and that would do fantastic things for libraries, and library lovers.

So, please sign up, and please spread the message.

See you in Start Writing Fiction!