104 in 52. Adventure and survival.

Destination CambodiaBOOK 12 Destination Cambodia by Walter Mason
Walter Mason’s first book Destination Saigon was a lovely book that my husband I both read when travelling through Vietnam, I have since given it to other friends travelling to Vietnam as it gives a good insight into the people and culture of Vietnam. This book, Destination Cambodia, I would suggest is a must read for people travelling to Cambodia. I wish it had been published before we went a couple of years ago. Mason’s collection of anecdotes of his time spent in Cambodia are funny, sometimes alarming and often self-deprecating! He gives a good insight into the Cambodian daily life and culture.



Pookie Aleera is not my boyfriendBOOK 13  Pookie Aleera is not my Boyfriend by Steven Herrick
A delightful, delightful read. Told in verse, from the view points of a class of grade 6 kids, at a small school in an outback town. The chapters from the police officer are particularly hilarious, and Laura’s story incredibly sweet. Yes there is a message in the book but Herrick doesn’t dwell on it.
I loved this book and would recommend it to both 11/12 year olds for which it aimed, and to adults who will enjoy it equally.



BOOK 14 The Last Thirteen Book One: 13 by James Phelan
This is one of those books that I was required to read. And it isn’t one I would have usually picked up and if I am being honest I won’t be reading the rest of the series. It opened with a bang with the main character Sam waking up from a dream where at the click of someone sinisters fingers “everyone will die” and there are some moments of adventure but nothing really happens. The first book should set the reader up to be anticipating the next book. This just falls flat. Having said that, it had the same feel on me as the Conspiracy 365 series by Gabrielle Lord and boys love these so it is quite possible I am not the right demographic!

BOOK 15 Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Brian Robeson is in a small plane flying over the wilderness of Canada when the pilot has a massive heart attack and dies, leaving Brian to land the plan and essentially survive until help comes. This is the story of a 13 year old city boy who has to survive on his own in the wilderness. He makes some bad decisions but learns from them. Paulsen has written a good coming of age story that has stood the test of time.