The best Beatle’s Bio – reviewed by major Beatle fan Jon

 Mark Lewisohn’s first part of his three-part definitive Beatles biography is the best Beatles bio I’ve read, including Hunter Davies’ official 1968 biography, the Beatles “own” Anthology book and many others.

The title is  All These Years:  Volume One : Tune in, and being just under 1000 pages (this is the “short” edition) it encompasses Lewisohn’s  fastidious record keeping/checking and Beatle expertise with a flowing readable tale that  at times seems to blessed with fortune to be true. But of course, it is true and told mostly chronologically but with enough flair to be enjoyed as a tale of post-war England (particularly Liverpool) and the revelation, nurturing and blooming of pure talent. And this not only includes the four lads themselves, but the often touted “5th” Beatles, George Martin (EMI Record Producer), Brian Epstein (Manager) and many other significant contributors to this modern day phenomenon. It took Mr Lewisohn about 10 years to complete this first volume, and according to the author himself, it will be at least another 6-8 years before we see Volume Two. So I advise one to read it soon…..but slowly.