Pen Names! Your Favourite Authors Writing Under Different Names – Those Names Revealed!

Many authors write under various pseudonyms so you may well be waiting in anticipation for their next book to come out thinking you have read everything by a sensational author, when in fact there are many other books sitting on the shelf that you could get right now! Authors use pen names for a variety of reasons. Some initially chose a name so they could carry on their normal lives without the bother of being a celebrity, some thought the made up name sounded better to sell books in a particular genre. Some author’s write in multiple genres and think a different name for each genre will sell more books or one will conflict with, and affect another genre’s sales such as horror with romance. Some even chose to change their sex and use a male or female name seeing it as more appropriate. Of course their publishers know who they are so they still get published, the books get marketed, displayed in stores, reviewed in magazines, appear on library shelves and so on.

I thought I’d let you the Bookcoasters reader know some of them, so you don’t miss out on some great books. Obviously some authors’ pen names such as Stephen King’s are well known but others aren’t.  There are hundreds of other authors with pen names out there not on this list, if you’ve got a favourite you’d like to share with everyone else, feel free to comment below.

Stephen King Itbachman running manSteven King – In his early days as a writer as most people know probably the most famous modern author of all time wrote under the pen name Richard Bachman. King has also released some newer material under Bachman claiming it has been found settling his deceased estate.


 William P Kennedy – Diana Diamond is a pseudonym used by author William P Kennedy.  Under this name the lead characters are all female so I guess William figured pretending to be a woman would indicate he knew what he was on about a bit more and sell more books.

Bernard Taylor – Fans of the master of the horror, supernatural and downright scary novels may be surprised to learn that this author has been writing historical fiction under the female name of Jess Foley since 2002 which probably helps explain why we haven’t seen his name on books in a while.

donald e westlakehunter richard starkDonald E Westlake – Westlake would probably be my favourite author.  He was the first author who when he passed away I felt really sad that I’d never get to read anything new by him.  His pen name Richard Stark (best known for the Parker series)  is almost as famous as King’s Bachman one, but he had a few others as well.   Tucker Coe, Allan Marshall & Samuel Holt also have a substantial amount of published work. Timothy Clover, Curt Clark, Morgan J Cunningham are also him as well.

Christopher Nicole – Fans of both the sensational Jessica Jones and Anna Fehrbach series who have read everything under Christopher Nicole’s name may want to check out the authors Alan Savage, Robin Cade, Nicholas Grant, Caroline Gray, Max Marlow, C R Nicholson, Robin Nicholson and Andrew York as they are all in fact the same guy.

Gerald Hammond – Fans of the Three Oaks Series (John Cunningham novels) as well as Hammond’s independent masterpieces since he retired that series, may also want to check out the authors Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden as they are all Hammond.

Hilary Norman – Before Hilary Norman became famous under her own name she also published under the pen name Alexandra Henry.

Lisa GardnerAlicia ScottLisa Gardner – Fans of the D.D. Warren series may also want to check out the author Alicia Scott.  These pen name books have recently hit our collection on mass for some reason so check them out!

Richard Matheson – I am Legend would have to be one of my favourite books but if you are after some of this influential writer to King and others in the horror genre under other names look up the author Logan Swanson, a pen name some older work was first published under, including short stories in various author anthologies.

William Lashner – Read everything by Lashner but want more.  What about a story about a cockroach that wakes up one morning to find it is now a disgusting pink creature (human).  You’ll find the book Kockroach under his pseudonym Tyler Knox.

Ed McBain – Fans of McBain may want to check out the authors, Curt Cannon, Hunt Collins, Ezra Hannon, Richard Marsten and Evan Hunter as they are all the same guy!

lawrence blockJill EmersonLawrence Block – Fans of Block’s may well have a bounty of novels under his own name to choose from but those after even more will be interested to know they will find more of his work under the names Jill Emerson, Chip Harrison, Paul Kavanagh and Sheldon Lord as well.

J. A Konrath – Read all Konrath’s Jack Daniels mysteries and want more by this author.  Check out the violent thriller Afraid under the pen name Jack Kilborn, written by the same guy.

Stephen Gallagher – Fans of Gallagher’s short stories and novels might be thrilled to hear they can also find his work under the pen names Stephen Couper and John Lydecker as well.

Anne Rice – Want more Rice, also check out A N Roquelaure, and Anne Rampling.

dog on itpeter abrahamsSpencer Quinn – Loved all the books in the Chet and Bernie series and still want more, well check under the author Peter Abrahams, they’re one and the same.

Peter Chambers – The late Peter Chambers actually had a few pen names, they were Simon Challis, Peter Chester, Philip Daniels and Dennis Phillips.

Nora Roberts – Nora Roberts can also be found under the pen names Sarah Hardesty, Jill March and J D Robb. You do wonder what the point of the pen name J.D. Robb is when it is always accompanied by Nora Roberts writing as…

body in the libraryUnfinished PortriatMichael Crichton – Also wrote under the names John Lange, Jeffery Hudson and Michael Douglas.

Agatha Christie – Probably the most famous mystery writer of them all, also gave her fans a mystery to solve in working out what name her romance novels were published under.  That name Mary Westmacott.

J K Rowling – Of course Robert Galbraith was quickly diverged to be Rowling, I imagine to sell more copies of Cuckoo’s Calling.

Sophie Kinsella – Before the success of her shopaholic chick lit books under the Kinsella name, Madeleine Wickham wrote a number of books under her own name.

Dragon HavenReindeer PeopleRobin Hobb – Has plenty of books with dragons on the cover in our collection, but you’ll also want to check out Megan Lindholm with other weird fantasy artwork on the covers.

Dean Koontz has published books under heaps of different pen names.  Most have been republished (some even retitled) under his own name, although not all. You may still find them in second hand bookstores for cheap prices where the vendors don’t know what their selling. Look for W H Allan, David Axton, Brian Coffey, Deanne Dwyer, K R Dwyer, John Hill, Leigh Nichols, Anthony North, Richard Paige, Owen West or Aaron Wolfe.

Jeffery Deaver has also written under the name William Jeffries

Hope this information allows you to find weeks and weeks more of reading ahead of you with authors you already know and you already love under their own names or other pseudonyms.