Balancing Act

Balancing Act  by Joanna Trollope.

Post by Julie from Southport Branch Library.

Balancing ActI haven’t read Joanna Trollope for a long time. I loved her early books but was disappointed by Friday Nights. In Balancing Act, Trollope manages to recreate the magic of her early novels. Trollope writes about close relationships, in this case family ties more than friendships, in a very succinct manner while still managing to capture the complexities of each character. Balancing Act is a story of a successful businesswoman, Susie Moran. Susie established her own pottery company at an early age and combined this with being a mother of three daughters. Susie thinks she has been successful in all her endeavours but her daughters and husband have a slightly different view. Now that the three adult daughters are involved in the business, new ideas and strategies are thrown into the mix threatening to create an imbalance not only in the business but also within the family. Also throw in a long lost eighty year old father, a bastard of a boyfriend and some ageing rockers into the mix. This is a novel about self-discovery, facing the truth of one’s past and finding the courage to adapt oneself to the future.

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