Just the ticket

Just the Ticket by Lynnie Saint-James.

Just the ticketWhen Australian author Lynnie traveled to India with her boyfriend (now her husband) Kuldip for his nephews wedding, she already loved travelling, but her first trip to India proved to be something else. After attending a five day wedding (wearing India’s national dress, with Lynnie in a sari), they travelled through India and then continued with a trip through Europe. This travel memoir is the engaging story of their travels.

Lynnie first met Kuldip at a local bridge club. Kuldip was born in the Punjab in India, and his family immigrated to Newcastle upon Tyne in England when he was four. As well as being a very good bridge player, Kuldip is also a Neuroscientist and Professor of Anatomy and Histology. He is also Lynnie’s certified sari-ticket when they travel!

Despite the challenges of meeting her Indian “in laws”, Lynnie loved India and describes in delighted detail each step of the five day wedding and the gorgeous saris and Punjabi suits which she purchased to wear to these events.

Leaving Punjab’s capital Chandigarh, where the wedding was held, they travelled to India’s Golden Triangle: Delhi, Jaipur and Agra for some ‘not to be missed’ sightseeing including palaces such as the Jal Mahal and (of course) the Taj Mahal. They set off before daybreak to see the sun rise over the Taj Mahal, and watched in awe as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World turned pink and then milky white in the warm light of day. I found myself inspired with a desire to visit these places!

Part Two of the book tours through Europe. Kuldip and Lynnie purchased a fifteen year old campervan, and a new Tom Tom GPS navigator to ensure they would arrive at their intended destinations together – without a fight over maps!  Leaving Newcastle upon Tyne in England, they travelled to Amsterdam by ferry. From there, they tripped through eight countries, sampling the delights of each – from chocolate binges in Brussels, to icecream and coffee in Italy.

Lynnie travelles with great expectations, and manages to share the enjoyment with her readers. Her account of their travel is entertaining,  and tells their story in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth and completely honest way, and with great humour.