Celebrate the classics

Austen & Alcott, Bronte & Beckett, Cervantes & Carroll, Dickens & Dumas – it doesn’t matter who your favourite classics author is. Nor do we mind whether you’ve read your preferred classic recently, or just vaguely remember it from high school.

For the next four weeks we are revelling in classics here on book coasters and we’d love you to roll around in a bed of literary catnip with us.

You can

  • tell us about the classics you loved, and the ones you hated and think are overrated;
  • read reviews of classic novels posted by others and be inspired to add them to your reading list; and
  • test yourself against our cunning classics quiz, searching your brain, your shelves and your preferred search engine for the answers.

Stuck for somewhere to start? Have a look at this “best of the best” reading list – The Greatest Books – it was compiled with data from 43 different best novel lists.