“The Eternal Wonder” by Pearl S Buck

Highly recommended! Easy to read and totally absorbing! “The Eternal Wonder” is the story from a woman who lived an extraordinary life; Buck was the daughter of missionaries in China. Pearl married a missionary and they travelled extensively throughout China. Husband and wife taught at a Nanjing university. In 1934 they left China.

Missing for forty years, an unedited and handwritten manuscript by the famous winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Pearl Buck has been returned to the Pearl S Buck Family Trust and printed in 2013 “The Eternal Wonder”. Thought (by her adopted son, Edgar Walsh) to have been among the last writings by the novelist it is a gem of a novel; a story of a young man’s eternal wonderment of the world he lives within, his thoughts, feelings and actions. It is the story of a young man from gestation through to his discovery of himself as a gifted author. Much of what Buck has superimposed on the protagonist is from her life. Buck’s novel is part philosophical, autobiographical and historical fiction set during the Korean War. Walsh (one of the seven children adopted) states only necessary amendments have been made to the manuscript.