104 in 54 – Fun and charm

I am not sure I will make it to 104 books but I will continue with the challenge.  Here are my most recent reads – in no particular order.

Book 16

The Mighty Lalouchelalouche  by  Matthew Olsham and Sophie Blackall

Delightful. A French postman loses his job when the motor vehicle is introduced to the postal service, he is required to look for another job and finds himself to be a more than handy boxer,   he is nimble, fast and strong, all the traits for a champion.

 The images are beautiful and the story charming. And obviously a children’s book!




Book 17

homework   I didn’t do my homework by Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud

 If you ever need an excuse why you didn’t do you homework, or any other mundane chore, this a book for you. Some great excuses coupled with fabulous illustrations.




Book 18

Ice Breaker by Lian Tanner

I think this is in the genre of steampunk.as I have mentioned before, I haven’t read much in the genre but this seems to fit in the category. A young girl, Petrel, has grown up on a boat that has been sailing for three hundred or so years, she belongs to no one and no one takes responsibility for her, a young boy is found on an iceberg he claims to have fallen from the sky but he is there on a mission, to stop the machines. This is not giving anything away!

This is a great adventure with some excellent characters.


Books 19 and 20

The unbearable lightness of scones and The importance of being seven by Alexander McCall Smith

The story continues in its delightful meandering way. Bertie has joined the cub scouts, alas, so has Olive. Bruce becomes a “changed man”, that can’t last can it? Matthew marries. I have to say people in Edinburgh propose very quickly! And the always awful Irene is still awful.

I love this series and defy anyone to not be taken in by its charm


Book 21

curtsies  Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger

  The second in the finishing school series, and when we say finishing school it is not the usual finishing school, oh, they are finishing…somebody off. Funny, good characters and a decent plot, and 

  I have said it before, but there are dirigibles involved…