Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis

Collaboration between two great authors James Patterson and David Ellis; an intriguing plot, satisfying conclusion, but a book that didn’t rev my engine!  What happened?

Ben Casper is an investigative political journalist and his best friend Diana who works for the CIA jumps from her balcony.  Ben knows it is not suicide and becomes embroiled in espionage between America and Russia.  The closer he gets to the truth the more danger he is in and there are many out to kill him …but who are they!  Ben rides a Triumph motorbike, can fly a light plane, has inherited enough money to keep him from needing to work and publishes an internet newspaper.

The authors have used narrative writing so we read Ben’s thoughts throughout the plot of the story.  An interesting concept!  However, Ben takes medication for an illness that is undisclosed… or I missed it.  From the first page the reader suffers a barrage of trivia (American Presidents, movies, film stars, song titles and snatches of verse) passing through Ben’s mind at moments of high anxiety.  Interesting, yes, but I found it difficult to keep shifting focus and concentrating on the storyline.  The authors calm Ben’s racing mind approximately half way through the book.  I wonder if he suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD.

The ending ties up nicely and I didn’t feel as though I was left with unanswered questions.  I do have lots of new films to watch, music to hear and interesting trivia stored away in my mind so perhaps I gained more than a few hours of entertainment reading this mystery thriller.  As an avid admirer of David Ellis’ work I would prefer a solo in future…please David!

I would be interested to hear other readers’ opinions about Mistress.