The Son by Jo Nesbo

Highly recommend!  A page turner! The Edgar Award nominated Norwegian author has written a fast paced thriller with a strong plot! Excellent conclusion!

Nesbo’s standalone new thriller “The Son” is outstanding and equally enjoyable if not better than the author’s cleverly written Inspector Harry Hole series.

When Sonny Lofthus was a teenager he was catapulted into despair when his beloved father committed suicide after bringing disgrace upon the family.

Sonny is a young man in prison for crimes he confessed to doing but did not commit.  He is a model prisoner but the Oslo prison is riddled with corruption; the staff, a lawyer and the prison priest and in return for his confession he is supplied with high-grade heroin.  Sonny listens to the confessions of the other prisoners who have come to believe the quiet heroin addicted youth can absolve them from their sin.  Twelve years after Sonny’s incarceration he is approached once again to confess to a crime he did not commit. However, a dying prisoner confesses to Sonny information that sheds light on the suicide of his was murder and that starts him on a road to find out the truth.

“The Son” is easy to read, lots of twists and turns, a great conclusion.