In Praise of Open Culture, and Ray Bradbury

I’m a huge fan of a website called Open Culture, which collects free, legal ways to access media online. I was reminded of their awesomeness today while listening to some Ray Bradbury they have for download (via Internet Archive).

The Golden Apples of the Sun, in this case, is a radio dramatization of eight of the Bradbury short stories from the anthology of the same name.  I do a bit of audio recording myself, and so I’m always interested in how they go about these things. There seem to be three voice actors, and the try various accents, but I think their Chinese accents are the most impressive. They just don’t bother, so that the Emperor of China sounds like he is from the American West. I really like the effect, actually. You so often get really terrible Chinese accents on these sorts of things, that it’s a relief to have someone go “I’m sorry, we can’t be bothered.” and just do a straight read.

Check out this collection if you are interested in early radio dramas, or Bradbury. I particularly like that it contains The April Witch, a story which doesn’t get paid out until decades later in From the Dust Returned.