The Adventures of Barry McKenzie – DVD

Sharing…..I have just watched the dvd  “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie”.  It was filmed nearly 40 years ago  and I remember when it came into cinemas…I never went to see it (I’d seen trailers) I had a hugh Australian cringe at the time and couldn’t imagine anything so vulgar.  I’ve grown up…or come of age.  I have just watched the film; laughed until the tears ran down my face and realised it was a clever satire of Australian culture far ahead of its time….and I loved every moment.  I laughed at myself and my own cultural insecurities!  Wow! I’ve grown up.   The film was directed by Bruce Beresford and starred Barry Crocker, Barry Humpries, Spike Milligan and Peter Cook.  Produced on a  low budget and under very difficult circumstances at the time.  The Australian critics slammed it but the public loved it.  There is a bonus specal features disc which is as fascinating as the film is irreverent.  The interviews with the people who were involved in the making was recorded in 2006; the passing of years show how far Australia has come in the film industry and what a pioneer film was “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie” .