Norwegian by night – Derek B. Miller

Norwegian by nightNorwegian by night was a very unique novel. For starters the hero of our story Sheldon Horowitz is an 82-year-old war veteran suffering from dementia. Sheldon is an American currently living in Oslo, Norway with his granddaughter and her Norwegian husband. Sheldon has a dark and secretive past. He played a greater role in the Korean War than his family know and he is convinced that the  North Koreans are following him seeking vengeance. He also lost his son in the Vietnam War and it is the strained relationship that he had with him that causes many of Sheldon’s ‘delusions’. This all comes to a head when Sheldon witnesses the murder of a woman. He takes the woman’s young son and goes on the run from the killer.

This debut novel from Derek B. Miller is part crime fiction and part drama. Sheldon battles the problems at hand while dealing with his own internal struggles. The book was very entertaining and interesting without being a favourite. At times I felt the jumping from Sheldon’s past to the present diminished the fast-paced action and could leave it a little boring. However, it was still a good book and I look forward to reading future novels from Miller.