The Food of Love Cookery School – a novel

The Food of Love Cookery School  by Nicky Pellegrino.

Post by Natalie from Southport library.


Four women are booked into The Food of Love Cookery School, located in the baroque Sicilian mountain town of Favio. Luca Amore runs the school and teaches them how to cook dishes that have been in his family for generations. All four women are at a turning point in their lives. There’s Poppy from Australia, Valerie from America, and Moll and Tricia from England. Poppy is recently divorced, Valerie recently widowed, Moll is serious about food and making the most of her time in Italy, and Tricia is escaping from her life as a workaholic lawyer. While enjoying the delicious and abundant Italian food, these women share secrets and make friends.


This book is appealing because it takes the reader on a journey to Italy – without the jetlag! It allows you to imagine you’re on an Italian food and travel adventure alongside the main characters. This book is also engaging because it delves into the lives of the characters and provides insight into their personal journeys. I have enjoyed other books by Nicky Pellegrino, in particular her earlier novel “Recipe for Life”.