July online ebook club – And the mountains echoed by Khaled Hosseini

And the mountains echoedThis month we reading And the mountains echoed by Khaled Husseini. Hosseini achieved a huge following with his first two novels, The Kite Runner and A thousand splendid suns so it will be interesting to see if his his third novel has the same impact.

And the mountains echoed is the story of Abdullah and his beloved sister Pari. The children live with their parents in a small village in Afghanistan until they one day make a journey across the desert. The events that unfold from here will tear their lives apart. The story goes on to present other characters and plot lines before leading us back to Abdullah and Pari. Like Hosseini’s other novels, this book spans generations and countries. It is a story of the bonds we form with those we love and the consequences of our choices.

Here are some discussion questions for thought:

1. How do you think this compares to Khaled Hosseini’s other novels? Do you have a favourite of the three?
2. Out of all the stories in the book, which did you relate to the most?
3. What do you think the novel is telling us about right and wrong? Good and bad? Are these concepts black, white or grey?
4. Do you think the old oak tree in Shadbagh is relevant to the story? In what way?
5. Has the novel changed your perspective in any way?

You can download And the mountains echoed from Overdrive and Borrow Box.