Puzzle over these book to movie images

It’s almost time to celebrate our new Reader’s Season, which means it’s time for a new puzzle!

Our theme this season is Page to Screen – from tomorrow we’re celebrating all the fabulous books that have been adapted into movies, or which have inspired television shows.

To get you thinking about your favourite books – which may, or may not, have made the shift to screen in a fabulous way – we’ve got 42 images in our puzzle. Each image represents a book (it might a picture book, children’s book, comic book or graphic novel, YA book or adult fiction!).

If you recognise your favourite, or least favourite, page to screen image among them, let us know – we’d love to hear whether you loved the book, or the movie, best!

page to screen image compressed

Can you puzzle out all 42 (and identify which one of them inspired the decision to have 42)?

Tell us how many you recognise in the comments section below – a list of answers will be posted at the end of the season (on 21 August).

(Please note that this puzzle is a bit of literary fun, intended to encourage you to read the books and see the movies/TV shows – these are mostly iconic images with pop culture relevance, and in no way do we want to imply ownership of the images or infringe any sort of image copyright.)