One Shot : a Jack Reacher novel

One Shot  by Lee Child.

One Shot is the ninth book in the popular best-selling Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, and it is the first book of the series to be turned into a movie.

The decision to cast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher became a very controversial one for fans of the series, with many furious fans refusing point-blank to see the movie! The problem was that Jack Reacher (according to the author’s website) is six-foot-five, 220-250lbs., and with a 50-inch chest, while Tom Cruise is 6-8 inches shorter, more than 70lbs lighter, and 10-12 years older!  Many who did watch the movie reluctantly changed their minds… enjoying it and feeling that the Reacher character actually did work for Cruise – perhaps because they changed the character. Most felt that the movie was entertaining and a great representation of the book, nailing the basic plot and key scenes.

What are your thoughts?

Synopsis: In a small city in Indiana, a gunman fires six shots from a car park into a crowded plaza killing five people. The evidence allows the cops to quickly pin point the gunman – James Barr, a former Army Infantry sniper. When he is arrested, he says only “You got the wrong guy. Get Reacher for me.” 

Reacher lives a nomadic existence which makes him impossible to trace, but when he sees the news on TV he catches a bus to Indiana even though he is convinced that Barr is guilty. On examining the evidence, Reacher knows that something is not right. Barr is a trained military sniper who should never have missed a shot at that range, and the evidence is too convenient and tidy. Barr’s sister Rosemary believes in her brother’s innocence, and persuades lawyer Helen Rodin to defend her brother. This teams Reacher with a beautiful young defence lawyer (which did not hurt the movies chances of success!). 

Reacher must find and face his opponents, matching them in ruthlessness and cunning, to outwit the gang behind the shootings and force their boss to come clean on the conspiracy.

If you enjoy the Reacher novels, you may like to try Reacher’s Rules : life lessons from Jack Reacher.  This book will give some great background to the novels, and to Jack Reacher’s character, which will amuse and entertain fans.