August 06


Top secret twenty-one – a Stephanie Plum novel

Top secret twenty-one  by Janet Evanovich.

 Post by Julie from Southport Branch Library.

I love the Stephanie Plum novels. I love them because they are easy to read, fast paced and humorous. I love them because they are so American and the characters are often one-dimensional small time crims. I can rip through one of these novels in half a day and then be longing for the next one. Evanovich only writes one per year so it’s a long time before the next dose of Stephanie Plum.

 In this latest edition to the series, Stephanie has to find Jimmy Poletti who has skipped bail. His associates keep turning up dead. Randy Briggs, a height challenged accountant who knows Stephanie is a Poletti associate fearing for his life. There’s also a secondary plot involving one of Stephanie’s love interests, Ranger. Ranger is being targeted by an old enemy from his Special Ops days. Together with Morelli, Stephanie’s sometime cop boyfriend, Lula, her ex-whore bounty hunter off-sider and Grandma Mazur, Stephanie’s gun toting nanna, Stephanie has another series of crazy chases and mishaps in Top secret twenty-one.