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100 Ideas that Changed Street Style by Josh Sims

This is an interesting book that gives brief descriptions and history of 100 street styles, from “The teenager” through to “Magpie style”, this is one I wasn’t familiar with but I may just be a victim of the style. The images used for Western street style are great, they are more your rhinestones and bling than cowboy and belt buckles!

Architecture According to Pigeons by Speck Lee Tailfeather by Stella Gurney,

 The title alone makes you smile doesn’t it? And a book written by a pigeon, brilliant. Speck and his flock are intent in improving human’s view of the humble pigeon by showcasing their knowledge of architecture of the world, and natty dress sense!

This is clever way to present architecture to young readers.

 The Pagoda Tree by Claire Scobie

Not only is this book beautiful to look at it is also a wonderful piece of writing. Scobie has captured a period in Indian history that I was previously unfamiliar with. It is a well-researched book and while very much a piece of fiction it is grounded in historical fact

 Maya is born into a Hindu temple and is destined to be a temple dancer like her mother, but a India was volitile in the late 1700s and Maya’s destiny is dramatically changed. Scobie’s descriptions of the people, the costume and environment are excellent.