The Maze Runner movie is coming

 The Maze Runner by James Dashner is incredibly descriptive, elaborate storytelling and full of emotion. It is well written with likeable characters, clever plot twists and will surely evoke mixed emotions as you read. It gave me200px-The_Maze_Runner_cover chills, it made me laugh out loud and it even moved me to tears in parts. Admittedly the story is slow building yet interesting with a truly mind-blowing ending that came entirely unexpected. When I finished reading I found myself questioning the mystery of the maze. A true testament of a great read, for me, is when books leave the reader with a lasting impression. The Maze Runner sure left me thinking long after I had turned the last page.

A brief synopsis – The main character Thomas wakes up one day trapped in a metal box with a group of boys. He has no memory of where he came from, who his family is and his life before this day. He realises he is now part of this select community of boys all trying desperately to solve a puzzle, to ultimately conquer the maze. Thomas joins in immediately. Then one day a girl, the first ever girl arrives and she brings consequences that will turn this regimented lifestyle on its head. Forget about solving the maze, it’s now a game of life and death, a game of survival!!

This suspenseful sci-fi dystopian novel is a fantastic read and has the potential to be adapted into an awesome movie. I have very high expectations for this movie and am eagerly anticipating its release in September.