Don’t want to miss a thing – Jill Mansell

Don’t want to miss a thing by Jill Mansell – When Dexter’s beloved sister dies suddenly, she leaves behind her 8 month old daughter, Delphi for him to raise.
Dexter, a man who previously pursued a life of pleasure without responsibility or attachments, moves from his city apartment to a country home where he grows into the role of surrogate Dad with the help of the locals of this tiny village.
His new neighbour – cartoonist Molly – has a special effect on him, but he must persuade her he’s not interested her as only a friend and occasional babysitter
This story has characters who are rich, handsome and charismatic – everything you could wish for in a partner or friend.
Ill-fated lovers with inter-twined storylines abound in this book, with – of course – happy conclusions.
So if you want to read a good story which leaves you feeling cheered up, this may be the book for you.