Honey and Oats – want to stay healthy while indulging?

Honey & Oats : everyday favorites baked with whole grains and natural sweeteners by Jennifer Katzinger.

This is a beautiful new cookbook which aims to help you enjoy healthier versions of your favourite baked goods using whole grains and natural sweeteners. If you are wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle but just can’t give up the wonderful cakes, breads, pies and biscuits which you enjoy, then this book will give you some great options. Filled with beautiful pictures of most of the recipes, it will inspire you to get out your apron and bake your way to better nutrition.

The idea of this cookbook came from a Mum who loved baking for her daughter but found it disheartening to follow a recipe only to realise that it called for an exorbitant amount of refined sugar. Being an editor, the Mum was able to plant the seeds from which this wonderful book came about with a talented cook and author…

Realising that many of our ancient grains have become more available, and that awareness of them is on the rise, the author teamed these grains with healthy natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, golden honey, earthy brown coconut-palm crystals, and tan Sucanat to create these easily digested and nutritious alternatives to everyday favourites. For recipes which use flours which are gluten-free, additional options are provided to include tapioca flour for a lighter texture.

In addition to the 75 recipes, this book includes  useful information about the different flours and grains and what they can best be paired with in cooking or substituted with where desired. There are great baking tips for making sure that your efforts meet your expectations. The properties and uses of sweeteners are also included, along with the best places to purchase quality products.

Enjoy this new slant on scones and muffins, cookies and bars, quick breads (including banana bread), yeasted breads and crackers, pies and tarts, and cakes and frostings. There are also healthy versions of chocolate, whipped cream, and frosting for you to make!